Gaming and the Difference Between US and EU

Games and GamingGaming and the Difference Between US and EU

In the US, gaming and online casinos have caused quite a stir with conservatives.  Many are concerned that allowing online gambling could hurt the national economy.  However, even their gambling casino professionals, such as Harrah’s and other big named corporations are now have to look to other countries for investment opportunities.  Europeans feel that America could prosper with a viable plan for allowing online gaming back into the country.

Even Canada has online gambling and the country is doing very well in that sector.  The best example right now, even with recent concerns about laws changing (which won’t happen again for quite some time) the UK has made a lot of money.  With recent changes, they will make even more as they bring back the big names in online gaming from countries where they were forced to go for lower taxation.

There is a big difference between the US and the EU in terms of gaming, but those differences slowly go away every time a new piece of legislation is introduced.