US Gets Serious About Project Management Software

Project Management Software 2012Project Management Software

After the President’s State of the Union Address, small businesses were once again given the dignity and respect that they deserve.  Starting a small company and following that entrepreneurial drive, the one that makes this country great, is finally something to be proud of again.  So, as the next Google or Facebook, that next big, small business will be coming out of nowhere.  To give small businesses a head start, here are a few things to consider when launching your business.  Project management software, cloud storage and free software.

Free Software

Look for anything that will save you money.  The internet offers a lot of free software and free trials and those can get you through the first few months of your new online business.  Online collaboration software can be found as free trials or at very low prices if some comparison shopping takes place.  Besides collaboration and project management software, you’ll also want to have a good word processing and spreadsheet software.  OpenOffice is a free office software product from Sun.  Open Office is completely free and works just as well as some of the more expensive software that requires licensing if used for business purposes.

If your business is conducted primarily online, your first instinct might be to find free hosting or to use a gmail account for your business.  While free sounds great, it is actually better to have a paid hosting site that gives you plenty of storage space and online professionalism with your own email.

Speaking of Cloud Storage…  This is another area that you will want to have to protect your data and your customer’s data.  Even if you have your website hosted professionally, you’ll still want to conduct daily or weekly backups and it tends to be more efficient to send those backups off of your website’s server and into the cloud where it can be protected in a secure environment.

Free Trial Software

Free trial software is a great way to start your business.  You’ll probably want to cut costs everywhere you can find it, but remember, there is an advantage in paying some money out to service providers.  Not all free trial software comes with technical support.  If the piece of software or hardware are integral to the normal operations of your business, then buy the software or find one that is more user friendly.  Start with a good project management software, as you will use it on a daily basis.  Find one with at least a sixty-day free trial and then a low fee after that.  The office software, you shouldn’t run into an problems with because OpenOffice has been around for a while now.

Just try to spend less, save more and always keep looking out for the unexpected when you are launching your new business.