Internet Marketing Community Gets New Info

Internet MarketingInternet Marketing Community Gets New Info

One of the important and huge news to hit the internet marketing community involved Twitter and Google somehow. As last Monday, Google has announced through its Twitter account that it has released the newest update for its Panda search algorithm. As Google announced the release of the Panda 3.4, although this update wasn’t the update in the algorithm that everyone was waiting for. Especially that it is coming after the recently released mini updates that extended throughout the year. As this update was the same as the updates we been having during the year, it was just a mini refreshing update with no major algorithm shifts. This showed that we are going to have to wait a bit longer for some major and drastic updates to the Panda search algorithm, even more than predicted. The only upside of this, that it will help the internet markers by giving them enough time to prepare their “Search Engine Optimization” plans.

During that time, to aid the internet marketers further more with their SEO plans, Matt Cutts representing Google starred in a Webmaster Help video to give some tips and hints for the marketers concerning their content marketing and SEO. He stated the following:

  • The speed of a website is vital to its ranking success. As long as the website doesn’t time out and it is not slower than the regular speed, it will not be low in its ranking. But he added that the websites should set their target speed at 8 to 9 seconds max for their site to load.
  • Companies and websites that use SEO to promote their website as a strategy for marketing it will have content and information on their website. This will lead to slowing the speed of the website. But he assured the companies that indexing these pages will help their search rating concerning boosting the cached pages.
  • Different websites have different criteria to judge its speed. For example, forums have so much content, more than any other site. This will make it load slower than any other non-forum site.

Speaking of forums, Google has announced is newest search feature. This feature would provide the best rated and top answers from forums to SERPs. So when a user does a search about a question that is found on a relevant forum, the search engine will provide the top answer from that forum directly to the user. This is done to make sure that Google search engine can be as user friendly as it can be.

Also a new feature of this update is concerned with the user’s ability to see the websites and preview them before actually entering them. Despite the great advantage it holds for the user, but it will decrease a lot of traffic for websites that the users will not enter after seeing the preview.