Tired of the Rants about Healthcare Insurance?

Healthcare BusinessTired of the Rants about Healthcare Insurance?

Healthcare is one of the biggest businesses in the United States.  In Canada, the economic environment is fairing much better than that in the US and Canadian healthcare is free.  As the United States is slowly down-rated as the world leader in production, finance and possible military strength, they are having to reconsider their old conceptions of social programs such as healthcare.  The US will need a complete redesign of how their version of capitalism works as they rebuild and payback debt to communist countries such as China.

China now has the obvious advantage and has beaten out the US.  More US companies are trying to find safe harbor in the Chinese economy as they abandon the US markets.  Health insurance is one of those businesses as healthcare companies try to enter the Asian market, they are find political difficulties in which their programs do not coincide with communist ideals and financial structures.  However, some US companies located in China are required to carry their own healthcare and some have been required to have their own physician on staff.

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