New Apps for Busy Lives

Apps NewsNew Apps for Busy Lives

Apps are changing the way that businesses across the globe are making money.  Instead of flying corporate personnel across continents, companies are now allowing their personnel to communicate with business clients with apps.  Several companies have chosen to go with Android smartphones and Android apps however, studies have shown that startups are relying on iPhone technology and iPhone apps to accomplish sensitive business meetings, product demonstrations and new client acquisitions.

Apps with an Edge

Does one type of branded app have an advantage over others?  Apple has stricter contracts with terms for usage of their apps.  This means that their apps are less likely to be created over multiple devices.  Android is completely open to developers which allows iPhone app developers to recreate apps that were originally created for Android phones.

App Guides

App guides have become an essential part of finding the best apps on the market.  Without useful reviews about applications, users would be unable to locate these applications with any kind of logic or specificity as many of these applications are titled by companies with little to no marketing experience at all. Read more info about Android apps