Youtube Movies this Summer

One of the most anticipated YouTube movies this summer is The Silent City.  This dark tale follows the journey of one man through a post apocalyptic setting.  The film work is very similar to the AMC program Walking Dead.  The film is funded by backers from the website  The trailer for the webseries was recently released to high acclaim.  Felicia Day of the Guild and other webseries programs is also said to be a backer of the project.

Finding a Photo Match with a NH Photographer

USA NewsFinding a Photo Match with a NH Photographer

Locating services on the internet has become much simpler that in the past.  It has become so simple that it has completely done away with services like the Yellow Pages and even the White Pages.  Most homes now only have mobile phone service as opposed to a land line and even more is changing because of this faster way of tele communications.  Finding service providers on the internet is one way in which Americans are finding what they need with the internet.  You can search for someone to clean your gutters in MI or even search a NH photographer.  One new services that is emerging is called  This service is connecting people with photography studios across the nation.  If you are looking for a NH baby photographer or one in Alabama, then this may be your next stop on the internet.

One production company in New York is using their talent for photography and filmmaking and combining it with desolate locations.  Just like what the television program on AMC, The Walking Dead has done for Atlanta, and what Mad Max did for Australia, The Silent City is now doing for New York.

Top News from the US

USA NewsTop News from the US

News coming out of the US is now being accessed more through tv online as opposed to regular television sets.  This new trend for the US is one that has been happening in India and Mexico over the past two years.  With fewer cable companies and dish companies in other countries, tv onlinehas become the standard for watching news, sports and entertainment tv programs.  This trend may force some of the major television access providers to lower rates while also expanding into markets other than the US.

TV Online in the US

Many are calling for regulation of TV online.  The US government is not showing any interest currently in trying to regulate an area that clearly falls under free speech as long as it does not infringe upon copyrights as many US companies have been accused of in the past.  Companies including Youtube and Justintv have had issues with copyrighted tv programs showing up on their services.