New Gaming Videos on YouTube

diabloIIIgamingvideoNew Gaming Videos on YouTube

The recent release of Skyrim has YouTube getting a lot of new gaming videos.  With over 100 hours of game play for just the main plot and many more with the subplots, Skyrim has quickly taken over YouTube’s gaming video section.  Many gamers have felt that $30 for the gaming guide is too much and have simply gone to YouTube to find out the information that they need to get through a difficult section of a map or puzzle.

YouTube Gaming Videos

There has also been an increase in casino gaming videos like this online slots video with the recent news that Zynga will enter into the real money casino market.  These new videos of Zynga games such as poker and online blackjack are flooding the popular website.  More gaming videos are expected to be created over the next six months with over 100,000,000 expected from the US alone.  These videos are also mixed in with protests of SOPA and PIPA and are meant to bring attention to the world about how this issue can affect not only gamers on the internet, but any general user of the internet as well.

Popular Gaming Videos

Some of the most popular gaming videos, besides those featuring Skyrim, are ones produced for World of Warcraft.  Also, there are a number of fan videos that have been uploaded in anticipation of another Blizzard game, Diablo III.  The fact that Diablo III will also be released to gaming consoles is good news for a lot of gamers and these videos are being created in that spirit of excitement.

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