Online Casinos and Online Poker Coming to New Jersey

Games and GamingOnline casinos and online poker soon coming to New Jersey and not everyone is happy about.  However, the majority of voters believe that allowing online gambling into the state will increase revenue potential for the state.  There is not much that those opposing online casinos and online poker in New Jersey can say now that the DOJ has backtracked on their original stance on the topic.  Online poker has been deemed as a legal activity according to a memo released by the DOJ in late December of 2011.  Now, online casino and online poker companies can enter into states and setup servers that permit residents to play with other residents of the same state.

The work of those in Congress that have battled for online poker to be legalized on a National level now have a victory with the news from the Department of Justice.  Sites such as  and are gearing up for the new movement in online poker within New Jersey by providing their review and news services specifically for the state of New Jersey.  Review websites like the aforementioned and also help online casino consumers to find the best companies that fit the particular playing style or bonus requirements for that player.

Several major online casino companies from the UK and some that already have headquarters in the US have already expressed interest in the New Jersey online gambling market.

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