Two Way Australia & LG Electronic Partner for TV Online Sports Betting

IPTV Sports BettingTwo Way Australia and LG Electronic Australia Partnering for Rolling Out of TV Sports Betting Service

It is now very possible to place a bet with just a click of a Television remote control. Two Way, a popular Australian Gaming company, has recently signed an agreement with LG Electronics, a smart TV producer inAustralia. The agreement is for a three-year contract on sharing revenues; Two Way will provide the IPTV betting applications while LGE will distribute these applications on their wide range of smart TV’s, home theatre systems and Blue-ray players.

Smart TVs are TV sets that have built-in connections to the Internet that are used for downloading of TV shows, movies, games, and other online applications direct to the TV set.

Two Way has also finalized and signed exclusive agreements with Sportingbet Australia and BetFair, two o  fAustralia’s leading betting operators, to create and operate the proposed TV betting services. The applications are now underway and at an advanced stages of development and production and will be due for launching by March of 2012.

LGE devices will be deployed with applications developed byTwo Way, which will permit the betters to place their wagers with only the use of their remote controls. Clients will be able to pace bets on every sports events that will be broadcasted by pay TV, free-to-air TV or by some other form of IPTV.

In another news about Two Way, it has widened its TV betting service in South Australia and Queensland. This expansion includes the stipulation of fixed-odd betting, with proper regulatory approval. The previous service was only regulated for tote odds betting.

The expanded agreement now allows both fixed odds betting and tote odds betting to be available in South Australia, Queensland as well as in New South Wales and Victoria.

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