New Data from Top Economist

EconomistNew Data from Top Economist

Does Europe have a plan to get them selves out of the euro crises?  With a summit being held this month regarding the state of the euro; consumers strength is on the decline and there are very few answers being produced.  The summit has notably agreed that they will lower the debt held by Greece within the private sector by half.  However, the price of such a move may prove to be devastating if it does not produce positive results within the next five years.

Many fear that the Greek write-down of debt could cause chaos among European investors if bonds begin to slide because of the move.  This is only one of many planned summits and with more in the next few months, Europeans should be hopeful that at least one economist will come up with a viable plan for stopping an all out collapse within the union.

New Apps for Busy Lives

Apps NewsNew Apps for Busy Lives

Apps are changing the way that businesses across the globe are making money.  Instead of flying corporate personnel across continents, companies are now allowing their personnel to communicate with business clients with apps.  Several companies have chosen to go with Android smartphones and Android apps however, studies have shown that startups are relying on iPhone technology and iPhone apps to accomplish sensitive business meetings, product demonstrations and new client acquisitions.

Apps with an Edge

Does one type of branded app have an advantage over others?  Apple has stricter contracts with terms for usage of their apps.  This means that their apps are less likely to be created over multiple devices.  Android is completely open to developers which allows iPhone app developers to recreate apps that were originally created for Android phones.

App Guides

App guides have become an essential part of finding the best apps on the market.  Without useful reviews about applications, users would be unable to locate these applications with any kind of logic or specificity as many of these applications are titled by companies with little to no marketing experience at all. Read more info about Android apps

Gaming and the Difference Between US and EU

Games and GamingGaming and the Difference Between US and EU

In the US, gaming and online casinos have caused quite a stir with conservatives.  Many are concerned that allowing online gambling could hurt the national economy.  However, even their gambling casino professionals, such as Harrah’s and other big named corporations are now have to look to other countries for investment opportunities.  Europeans feel that America could prosper with a viable plan for allowing online gaming back into the country.

Even Canada has online gambling and the country is doing very well in that sector.  The best example right now, even with recent concerns about laws changing (which won’t happen again for quite some time) the UK has made a lot of money.  With recent changes, they will make even more as they bring back the big names in online gaming from countries where they were forced to go for lower taxation.

There is a big difference between the US and the EU in terms of gaming, but those differences slowly go away every time a new piece of legislation is introduced.

Business Requires Smart Marketing

Business and Smart MarketingBusiness Requires Smart Marketing

Starting a business has become a lot easier in the USA, but keeping one running may be another story.  With over 100,000 new businesses emerging in the past six months, many of those are already closing now.  While it is now easy and inexpensive to create a new business, many new business owners are failing in areas of marketing.  In order to deliver smart marketing and see profitable results, startups will need to focus more on their marketing efforts. (Associated Press)

Smart Marketing in Business

Are you ready to change your company for the better?  Certainly that would put you ahead of the competition.  However, larger companies which are using smaller company tactics are starting to edge out their competition.  Once, new companies had an advantage, but that has all changed since large companies developed new departments which specifically focus on eliminating competition.  One area where this can be seen in the tv online market.  Some reporting has shown that Hulu may have been able to knock out their competition and close down stores like Hollywood Video as well as delivering a crippling blow to Blockbuster and Netflix.