Arts, Culture and Media

Arts, Culture and Media

The US and Europe are cultural centers for culture and media.  When the world is interested in creating art, they look to these two as creative advisers, producers of the standard in tv online, news, culture, crafts, crochet, media and anything related to the arts.

US Leaders in TV Programs

Over the past few years, the US has jumped out in front as the leader in tv programs however, they have clearly borrowed several hundred ideas for tv programs from the British.  This has made it clear that the British are the best writers and the Americans really know their production quality.  The same has recently been demonstrated in other areas such as painting and architecture.

European nations seem to make the original and Americans improve on it, creating a culture of advancement that spreads across the world.  Koreans that watch movies online from America have turned the horror genre into an entirely new and better genre for people around the world to enjoy.  Other Asian countries are also adhering to this trend and creating their own take, usually better than the original, of tv online and other US programs.

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