Europe and the Euro Crisis

Europe Europeans EuroEurope and the Euro Crisis

With the recent European Union summit and a partial economic solution for Greece, many European investors are troubled by the outcome and near future of their economy.  Several leaders of the European Union have decided to take matters into their own hands and develop new economic plans for their own countries while also developing all nation plans.  Leaders throughout Europe are dissatisfied with how Greece is handling their internal affairs related to their economy and the union.

The UK is holding their own summit to discuss how to protect themselves from the economic fallout within the European Union as well as any coming from the current economic climate of the United States.  Many Europeans are also concerned that the US may be planning a war against Iran, which will severely hurt resources available to the UK.  Leaders within the UK are going to have to make tough decisions regarding any near future wars that may require their assistance.

New Data from Top Economist

EconomistNew Data from Top Economist

Does Europe have a plan to get them selves out of the euro crises?  With a summit being held this month regarding the state of the euro; consumers strength is on the decline and there are very few answers being produced.  The summit has notably agreed that they will lower the debt held by Greece within the private sector by half.  However, the price of such a move may prove to be devastating if it does not produce positive results within the next five years.

Many fear that the Greek write-down of debt could cause chaos among European investors if bonds begin to slide because of the move.  This is only one of many planned summits and with more in the next few months, Europeans should be hopeful that at least one economist will come up with a viable plan for stopping an all out collapse within the union.